Barter Exchange – what is it all about?

When beginning a startup company, running out of money was reported as the second highest cause of failure. For businesses looking for a sustainable and successful alternative to grow the business without handing over money; barter exchange is imperative.

Bartering is equal, direct and mutual exchange of goods and service, without the need of cash. Businesses benefit from barter exchange by freeing up cash flow that can be used in other ways.

The benefits of barter exchange include; reducing your environmental impact, increasing market exposure, gaining new customers, trading surplus stock, launching new products, paying off your creditors, essentially allowing businesses to sustainably fund growth.

Kindtrader provides a digital platform for businesses to make offers and barter between two or more parties. You can exchange your goods or services in return for items that you request or want for your business. This can be anything from marketing support, web design, PR or branding.

Our trading platform allows you to effectively market your business across a variety of other local startups., which you might have not been able to reach otherwise. This helps unchartered markets understand about your brand, try your products or join a network of other businesses with similar objectives. Bartering helps word-of-mouth and bring invaluable consumers back to your business.

Bartering is quick and easy, and does not add to your workload. Kindtrader lines up everything for you; all you do is choose your trade and arrange the exchange. Keeping it simple and transparent is a core objective of our brand.

Bartering of services for start ups can offer knowledge that your business might not venture into had you not been given the opportunity on the marketplace. This could be advice you couldn’t originally budget for, or something you hadn’t heard of that could help your business. There are no limits to what you can barter, the opportunities for how it can help your business are endless.

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10 Zero Waste Brands to Watch in 2020

The core objective of a zero waste lifestyle is following a modern principle of minimising waste, costs and the impact on our environment by reusing and resourcing all of our products. This means = nothing to landfill = happier planet.

Sending our waste goods that we can’t recycle nor ship to another country is causing irreparable damage to our environment. We currently have around 500 landfill sites in the UK and we’re tipping in plastics, sanataries, rubble, textiles and most of all, tonnes and tonnes of waste food. 

About 25% of our waste goes to landfill in the UK and two thirds of our waste abroad (1) to countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Taiwan (2). Why? Because the UK just doesn’t have the means to recycle it at home. 

What can we do to help?

There are many simple lifestyle changes you can make that contribute to the zero waste movement, such as saying no to single use plastics. Sometimes we find ourselves forgetting simple changes just because we don’t feel educated enough on the benefits. There are so many key influencers in the market now who can guide you in the right direction. Take author and activist Kathryn Kellog (3), who gives her readers easy tips and tricks for how to achieve a completely sustainable and zero waste lifestyle.

Keep up with the trend and check out our favourite UK based zero waste brands:

Tabitha Eve

Bottega Zero Waste

Who Gives a Crap

Soap Daze

The Salt Parlour


Natura and My

Blushberry Botanicals

Ben and Anna

Ethical Superstore