Authentic and effective HYPE for your brand

Kindtrader for marketing is one of our strongest benefits for using the platform. Listing an item on our barterplace gives you direct exposure to 600 businesses across the UK. That’s 600 potential new customers and 600 potential new sales. 

Launching and running a business is TOUGH and we know it. 

We help you make use of (old branded, near expiry, damaged) goods that would otherwise not be sold, and (out of season, last minute, unbooked) services that would otherwise go to waste. We help you turn your product into currency, by trading those products in return for business services you need to scale your business. 

We’re #WarriorsAgainstWaste and we’re only just getting started. 

Ways in which to use Kindtrader > 

Office swaps – why not trade in your near expiry product with a local F&B startup and treat the team to something different!

Team building – why not trade in your product with a local activities centre and save on your next team building event! 

Launch new products – why not launch your new line through Kindtrader and gain instant exposure for your brand. 

Sound good?

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