Kindtrader for marketing is one of our strongest benefits for using the platform. Listing an item on our barterplace gives you direct exposure to 600 businesses across the UK. That’s 600 potential new customers and 600 potential new sales.  Launching and running a business is TOUGH and we know it.  We help you make use of (old branded, near expiry, damaged) goods that would otherwise not be sold, and (out of season, last minute, unbooked)
When beginning a startup company, running out of money was reported as the second highest cause of failure. For businesses looking for a sustainable and successful alternative to grow the business without handing over money; barter exchange is imperative. Bartering is equal, direct and mutual exchange of goods and service, without the need of cash. Businesses benefit from barter exchange by freeing up cash flow that can be used in other ways. The benefits of barter
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The core objective of a zero waste lifestyle is following a modern principle of minimising waste, costs and the impact on our environment by reusing and resourcing all of our products. This means = nothing to landfill = happier planet. Sending our waste goods that we can’t recycle nor ship to another country is causing irreparable damage to our environment. We currently have around 500 landfill sites in the UK and we’re tipping in plastics,
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