How does it work?


Barter exchange, or bartering/trading, is simply the direct, mutual and equal exchange of goods and/or services between two or more parties without the need of cash. Kindtrader is a modern method of trading for creative businesses and startups.

Kindtrader’s core mission is to reduce waste and free up cash flow by squeezing more value out of goods and/or services that wouldn’t otherwise be sold, possibly due to surplus stock, near expiry dates or seasonal goods/trades. We are a completely sustainable B2B trading platform encouraging a kinder business community to benefit from unsold goods and/or services by sharing, swapping and trading with other brands.


Join Kindtrader and receive 30 days free to trial our platform.

List your first item and begin trading with unique brands across the UK. Whether it be near to expiry stock, unsold event tickets or a consulting appointment you can’t fill – get it listed.


All listings on the barterplace are to valued by Kindpounds; 1 GBP = 5 KPs. This system makes barters as fair as possible for both parties, even if the listing isn’t available in KPs. All listings can be available by barter only, KPs only, or both. It’s your choice.

KP offers are instant, so any KP transactions will be automatically deducted from your account. Members can top up KPs or check their balance at any time through their Account.


Barter exchange generally means a direct trade of goods and/or services between two parties and let’s face it, we don’t always want exactly what another supplier can give us in return. Instead, we’ve created an efficient way of each party receiving exactly what they want without the obligation for a straight trade. KPs do not need to be used within any set timeframe, so feel free to just keep trading until something comes up that you want for yourself, your team or your business.