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What is barter exchange?

Barter exchange or bartering/trading is simply the direct, mutual and equal exchange of goods and services between two parties without the need of cash.

Why is Kindtrader different?

Kindtrader is designed for growing businesses and startups.

Kindtrader’s core mission is to help businesses reduce waste and free up cash flow by squeezing more value out of goods and/or services that wouldn’t otherwise be sold; possibly due to spare capacity, past sell by dates, unprofitable time or seasonal goods and trades.

Our unique memberships include dedicated account managers, social and networking events, KT Perks Card, as well as free promotional opportunities and marketing.

Barter offers and the marketplace

All barters are made through our online marketplace, where members can make offers in barter or Kindpounds. To make a barter offer, you must have a public or private listing. A private listings allows you to make barter offers but prevents businesses making separate offers in return.

When posting a new listing, make sure you note as much information about your services or product as possible, including relevant locations or timeframes. The more specific your listing is the smoother the transaction. Our members come from a range of industries including website design and marketing, fashion, event production, property and venues, fitness, legal, finance and tech.

You can visit your dashboard at any time to view your incoming barter offers, negotiations and KP purchases, as well as send messages or request more information from businesses you’re bartering with.

Why do we trade with KPs?

Barter exchange generally means a direct trade of goods and/or services between two parties and let’s face it, we don’t always want exactly what another supplier can give us in return. Instead, we’ve created an efficient way of each party receiving exactly what they want without the obligation for a straight trade.

KP trades are optional and do not need to be used within any set time frame, so feel free to just keep trading until something comes up that you want for yourself, your team or your business.

1 GBP = 5 KPs

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